What’s on the Pastor’s mind?
“God saved me, is saving me, and I have the faith that He will save me in the future.  Jesus said, ‘If you love me, you will obey my commands.’ Most interpret this as a legalistic measure of success seeing obedience to God as proof of their love for him.  I don’t see it that way; I am so captured by the love and grace God has showered upon me that I am grateful to follow Him.  It’s not a duty, it’s an outpouring of appreciation.”

“I aspire to communicate righteousness not rightness in my Christian life and teaching.  Rightness leads to arrogance, righteousness begins at the cross of Jesus and ends with my beliefs and behaviors being shaped by the grace God has offered us all through His Son. We haven’t made mistakes that need correction as if thinking differently will save us.  We are sinners in need of a Savior. We don’t just need a second chance we need a new start.  I want you to start by taking the next step to becoming more like Jesus, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.”

Jack Mumford became the Lead Pastor of Orange County Church in 2014. Jack has been in ministry for 15 years serving as Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, and Associate Pastor. This is his first Senior Pastorate. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies with a Minor in Church Ministry from Columbia Bible College and a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Jack also serves as Chaplain for the Tustin Police Department. Jack and his wife, Kizzy, have been married since 2006. They have four beautiful children and absolutely love the people, the place, and the calling to serve the Lord in Southern California.

“I hope you’ll visit us soon!” 
– Jack